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 Laws and Ways

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PostSubject: Laws and Ways   Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:27 pm

"Follow the Laws of this land and your chances of survival will increase by far." you read at the bottom of the page. Sounds pretty intense. You begin reading the page.

I could say this is the most important but the others need to be followed just as well. Respect is the key to life in our world. You will respect all your elders and leaders. Don't stop at that though. Respect must be given to all pack-mates also. You must respect everyone, and everything.

None of that nonsense please. It will not be tolerated at all. No need for it anyway.

Fighting will not be taken to extreme levels of violence. No ripping out throats or guts. I understand if you are devouring prey, but keep it minimum please.

Impossible (GodPlay)
You will not under any circumstance pretend you have powers. Say someone attacked you. None of that "was not hurt by the attack" or anything. Do not pretend you have powers or unnatural things e.g. wings, piercings, clothes, hair, etc. Also your character cannot be unrealistic. Like undead or demon wolf.

This won't be tolerated anywhere. Strictly prohibited. End of Discussion. I should also add to this section that no links to porn sites /images or anything inappropriate. This includes giving out personal information like your name, city, address, phone number, etc.

Characters in Roleplay
You may have as many characters as you like. As long it doesn't go overboard. Like if everyone has 7295902 characters no one will be able to keep up.

When registering you vow to follow these rules.

Levels of punishment.

After 1st time rule is broken- Warning (keep close attention)
2nd- Loss or privileges
3rd- Temporary ban
4th- Another warning
5th- Unlimited Ban - Don't let this happen, I really hate banning people from the website. So lets not go there.

***Punishments vary depending on what they did***

You nod and turn the page.

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Laws and Ways
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