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 History of the Packs

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PostSubject: History of the Packs   Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:03 pm

It all started with a group of six wolf pups, nearing the age of
adulthood. They were in a pack together, a pack that mistreated them
horribly. One day they huddled together and took off, leaving the
confused pack behind. The three males were named Molimo, Paco, and Tokala. The three females were named Malia, Migisi, and Talulah. They had journeyed days and days until they arrived at this place that was extremely unique. It was a large valley with stream running though it. All the trees were dead and the dirt dry, even though the stream run cleanly and brightly through the land. The pups bounded down near the stream to take a drink for they hadn't in a while. They took turns keeping an eye on their surroundings while the others had their drink. They all fell asleep in a little hole near a dead tree. When they woke
they instantly realized they were being kidnapped. Two had been taken
by a clan of panthers, two by eagles, two by foxes. Molimo and Malia were in the panthers clan when the leader told them they weren't going to eat them. Instead, they wanted the young wolves to be apart of the clan and help protect their young for their clan was hardly thriving. Paco and Migisi were taken by eagles and now rested in the nest, but not to be food, but for the same purpose with the panthers- protect the young. Tokala and Talulah helped the foxes hunt and keep their young warm in the harshest winters, Each pair of wolf pups grew with their new friends and became accustom to their ways. To this day, each pair created their own packs with the panther, eagle, and fox nature in each one. Sahal found this fortunate group of wolves and became the leader of their packs, to keep everyone in order, and to live in peace forever.

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History of the Packs
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