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 Shatter (Dunno if you'll accept him...)

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Adult Ookami
Adult Ookami

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PostSubject: Shatter (Dunno if you'll accept him...)   Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:40 pm

*Name- Shatter
*Age- 19 moons
*Wulfus or Wulfa?- Wulfus
*Pack- Loner
*Reference Image-
*Family- Unknown
*Personality- Some words to describe him? Cold. Dark. Cruel. Hateful. He is a exact of his picture, but he has icey blue eyes, that change color by his mood. He's tall. Muscular. But oddly handsome. Watch for him. He is possibly the most dangerous wolf alive. But he is like a coin. He has a type of alter ego inside him, fighting a battle. A battle rages inside him forever, his evil and good side always fought. This wolf is like a coin, you don't know what side you could get, his good or evil. You caan tell what state he is in by his mood eyes. When Icey blue he is normal, and when scarlet, his evil alter ego of him has taken over. You WILL most likely die if he gets his eyes scarlet. Granted your still alive when they are in thier normal state.
*Desc- He is a extremly large wolf, and uge teeth and claws. he is oddly handsome with his odd colors. He is jet black with icey white stripes lacing all around him. Very muscular and cruel look in his eyes.
*Likes- Night, winning
*Dislikes- Arrogant wolves, and losing. Brightness

I Dunno if you'll accept this, for his alter ego. It isn't a power or advantage, he would be a killer in general. Just sayin'
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PostSubject: Re: Shatter (Dunno if you'll accept him...)   Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:26 am

Accepted! Thank you for creating a character and have fun Roleplaying!

Dagik-Panther, Member
Sleet-Eagle, Member
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Shatter (Dunno if you'll accept him...)
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